Fine Spirits

We are constantly scouring tasting notes from rare, exotic, and hard to find distillers of fine spirits. Here is a sampling of some of the labels we are proud to offer in our restaurant and retail store.

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch
This scotch is a 'triple' malt, combining single malts from three of Speyside’s finest distilleries. There’s not a single drop of grain whisky in Monkey Shoulder, and the chosen malts mature in first fill ex-bourbon casks. The ex-bourbon casks so that they impart a smooth and mellow vanilla flavour into the resting malt whisky.
Glenfarclas 21 yr Single Malt Scotch
Situated on the Recherlich Farm in the Speyside region of Scotland, Glenfarclas Distillery was founded in 1836. This lovely scotch has an aroma of butterscotch and dried fruits, which gives way to full-bodied and rounded notes of chocolate, cherries and a touch of smoke and honey. Lingering finish has hints of toffee and caramel.
Laphroaig 18 yr Single Malt Scotch
This 18 Year Old expression of Laphroaig is made in limited quantities each year and savoured by a fortunate few. A soft, sweet and spicy Islay peat smoke greets you when you first open the bottle. The immediate taste is an oak sweetness, from 18 years in the barrel. A faint hint of the sea can be detected, testimony to its time maturing on the remote island of Islay.
High West Double Rye Whiskey
Marriage of two straight rye whiskies that combines the feisty properties of a high rye 2-year-old and the saddle smooth richness of a 16-year-old. The 2-year-old has a 95% rye 5% barley malt mashbill. The older rye has a "barely legal" rye mashbill of 53% rye and 37% corn. The extra age and corn provides some extra sweetness to calm the "bite" of the younger rye for a relationship that works.
Angels Envy Port Finish Bourbon
The distiller uses only mineral-rich Kentucky limestone water and locally sourced grains. This handcrafted bourbon is blended in small batches of 8 to 10 barrels at a time, and typically age it on the upper floors of the warehouse for up to 6 years. Once it’s deemed ready, it is finished in 60 gallon ruby port casks made from French oak from Portugal, adding subtle nuances that enhance the flavor without challenging it.
Rowan's Creek Small Batch Bourbon
If you are a scotch drinker, this little bottle from Kentucky is your gateway to loving bourbon. This whiskey is aged for 12 years in charred oak barrels. It starts out with great spicy, minty notes proceeds to classic caramel and vanilla notes with light cedar & more mint notes prevailing at the end.
Germain-Robin XO Alambic Brandy
You won't believe this brandy comes from California. Each year, using traditional methods that have been almost entirely abandoned in France, this small producer hand-distills 80 barrels of a true connoisseur's brandy, equal to cognacs from the finest smaller producers.
Flor de Cana 12 yr Rum
This brown rum is distilled from fermented Nicaragua. It is aged 12 years n used whiskey and bourbon barrels. You will find it to be smooth and full of fruit and nut flavors. A good rum to drink after a fine meal.
Kilchoman Single Malt Scotch
This Single Malt from the Machir Bay of Islay is a light beech in color.
The nose is soft cooked fruits with strong peaty notes.
Soft mixed fruits on the palate with vanilla, intense sweetness and long lingering finish.