2019 Best of Award of Excellence


Best of Award of Excellence Balaban’s® has won the best of award of excellence for its wine cellar in the 2019 awards from Wine Spectator, the international magazine considered one of the world’s authorities on wine. In 10 years of operation in Chesterfield, Balaban’s earned Wine Spectator awards each year with eight of those annual awards the more important best of award of excellence.According to the magazine, the best of award of excellence recognizes restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, appropriate to their cuisine and appealing to a wide range of wine lovers.

This year the magazine also notes Balaban’s moderate wine prices with cellar strength from California, France and Italy. Brian Underwood, Balaban’s managing partner, described the cellar: “Some 200 of our wines sell for $20 or less and more than 245 for $30 or less. That’s with a wine list unsurpassed by any other restaurant in our area for quality, breadth, depth and value. We house and offer more than 4,600 bottles and 745 different wines from five continents, 13 countries, more than 40 different wine regions, more than 200 distinct wine appellations and 67 different grape varietals.” Selling wine at retail prices to take home and for in restaurant consumption with a mere $8 corkage, Balaban’s stars as a retail wine store and restaurant. Most restaurants markup wine prices two to four times above the wholesale price, Underwood noted.