Balabans Wins the 2016 Three Star Award from World of Fine Wine


fine wine awardBalaban’s has once again won the prestigious 3-star award (the highest honor) from the World of Fine Wine “World’s Best Wine Lists Awards.”  The awards are judged by a panel containing some of the world’s leading wine critics and sommeliers from around the globe including Alder Yarrow, Elin McCoy, Ch’ng Poh Tiong, Andrew Jefford, Andreas Larsson, Francis Percival, and Editor Neil Beckett. Guest judges this year were Daniel Humm and Wine Director Cedric Nicaise from Eleven Madison Park in New York, winners of the World’s Best Wine List in 2015. The judges assessed well over 4,500 wine lists from restaurants around the world before coming up with the final 817 one-, two- and three-star wine lists. Only 322 restaurants were recognized for the top-tier three-star award.

All award-winning wine lists must reach certain standards in relation to a range of criteria, among which the most important are: the breadth, depth, interest, quality, and value of the wine selection (relative to the nature and size of the list and any specialism); the clarity of the organization and presentation; the accuracy and completeness of the information for each entry on the list, including origin, producer, wine, vintage, price, and format or serving size; the suitability of the selection in terms of the cuisine and the establishment.

For the three star designation, a restaurant must have a great wine list in relation to the general criteria, and in addition normally with: exceptional breadth and/or depth in the selection; a very high proportion of leading producers, large and small, old and new, established and emerging; a very good mix of vintages in terms of age, maturity, quality, and style; a wide range of wine styles and prices; an extensive by-the-glass program; an extensive selection of half-bottles and larger formats; outstanding organization and presentation; clear evidence of originality and personality; clear evidence of commitment over the long term, genuine passion, and real vision.